About Us

Who We Are

At Grow My School, we are marketing nerds dedicated to sharing the benefits of Adventist education. We believe that a private, Christian education can have a monumental impact on the trajectory of a child’s future, and we are excited to connect your school with your community.

In fact, many of our own staff are the products of Adventist education, and we have children in Seventh-day Adventist schools at the elementary, academy and college levels.

For the last 15 years, the team at Grow My School has been focused on revitalizing our customer’s stagnant marketing plans and producing proven results. Our exclusive focus has been servicing ministries, churches and schools throughout the North American Division.

Our team combines print, direct mail, custom software platforms and online media in a unique, holistic marketing approach that reaches more people and ensures better results every time. Years of testing and development have given us the experience to know what works and what doesn’t—allowing you to get results quickly and on budget.

Grow my School is operated by the team that produced SermonView, an Inc. 5000 company serving churches and ministries with event marketing and lead generation campaigns. Over the past decade alone, SermonView has grown to handle over a thousand evangelism marketing campaigns each year and has connected churches with over 50,000 people hungry to study God's Word.

Why Grow My School?

We know Adventist education and we handle all aspects of the lead generation process—finding interested families in every corner of your community.

With Grow My School you don't have to become a marketing professional. 

We handle all of the online marketing - Including ad testing, seasonal adjustments to ads, audience development, and comment management.


With Grow My School you get your own recruitment resources. 

We have generic and personalized resources for your family recruitment packets, plus we can help with any additional products or branding as necessary.


With Grow My School you're not alone. From square one to home run, we're with your school every step of the way. 

Our marketing targets people in your community who show an interest in changing schools, are looking into private education, or who have children just reaching school age and want to make the best decision for their child's education.

You will never receive cold leads or a dated lists of respondents. Each family you meet through Grow My School requested information from our ads for you and invited you to contact them.


Our Mission

We believe that every child should be given the opportunity for both academic and spiritual growth, and we pray that each young girl or boy will come into a life-saving relationship with their Creator and become a leader in their generation.

Our Calling

We are called to use our gifts to provide schools with comprehensive multi-touch marketing and advertising solutions to cultivate real connections and grow the Kingdom of God.

Who is SermonView?

SermonView is an evangelism marketing ministry serving Adventist churches throughout the United States and around the world.

At SermonView, we're passionate about ministry and nerds for marketing. Our unique approach to event marketing and lead generation has helped produce real kingdom growth in churches throughout North America.

Together, let’s grow the Kingdom!

Learn more at EvangelismMarketing.com

The SermonView Promise

We are committed to helping you use your budget effectively to find more families in your community ready to choose a school.

Here's what that means to us:

We Promise to Always Put You First

We Promise to Give You Our Best Advice

We Promise to Deliver on Quality, Value & Speed

We Promise to Double-check Our Work

We Promise to Make Your Interests Our Number One Priority

What Drives Us

Really Big Ideas


Ideas are the building blocks to success. When we're told it's impossible, we say, "Challenge accepted!" When it comes to school marketing, we combine industry best practices with our unique multi-touch approach. So while some say it can't be done, we say it's an opportunity to put pen to paper.
Stat Equilizer


Data is nothing without a purpose. That's why we are driven by data that tells a story. As they say, there's truth in numbers: when we hear success stories about schools achieving their goals because of our marketing efforts, it puts purpose to our endeavors and drives us to reach further.


We seek to engage populations in every community, reaching people where the need is the highest. We do this by combining multiple online platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Ads to help find families right when they are searching for schools like yours.

Higher Response Rates

We’re passionate about using our gifts to get you better results: higher response rates, lower cost per interest and a deeper, more diverse audience. We're driven to deliver the highest level of service and results with each and every school that we have the pleasure to serve.


Ready to start growing?

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