Custom Solutions

Add a personal touch to your school marketing resources.
Custom needs deserve personalized attention. Each product and service is designed with schools in mind and is built to grow with you, so as your custom needs arise, we're ready to customize a solution to meet them.


Custom-built, Turnkey Solutions

Grow My School’s comprehensive custom solutions are designed end-to-end with your school in mind, and are easily implemented into your current marketing process.


Your school is the amongst best and it deserves the best—at least we think so. From our award-winning designers to our exceptional customer service, Grow My School's team is top of its class and we're sure that's something you can appreciate.

The Details Matter

Cookie-cutter approaches work for some marketing needs, but not for all. Grow My School's custom approach is designed to fill in the gaps in your marketing to establish a consistent brand identity and drive measurable results.

There's More to Love

Your school's brand is unique and we want to complement that. Grow My School's team will work with you every step of the way to develop congruent branding solutions that you'll be sure to love.


Your school is truly one of a kind. Shouldn’t your marketing resources reflect that? Grow My School gives you access to award-winning design services and a dedicated customer service team by your side throughout your journey.

Unlike other school marketing companies that only offer a library of templates to slap your name on, we will work with you to craft resources that are uniquely yours because they are designed especially for you by an award-winning design team. And that’s just one of the many things that sets us apart.

Our custom turnkey solutions are built end-to-end for your school. These solutions include personalized brand packages, custom printed resources, logo creation, custom website landing pages, custom email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, professional copywriting services, and more.

When you need us, we’re only one call away. Tell us your big idea and let us bring it to life, or tell us your problem and let us find a solution. From square one to home run, we’re with your school every step of the way.

Tailor the Student Experience

Let us help you with custom marketing solutions committed to growing your school from square one to home run.

Professional Brand Packages

Adventist schools deserve a unique brand that speaks to the traditions of their educational system while keeping a local flair to the community they serve.

Grow My School will help you develop a complete brand that builds credibility and trust with the families in your area.

We start with logo personalized design while choosing a color palette and font that fits your school philosophy. Then we help you complete your package with all of your administrative branding: business cards, letterhead, readerboard sign graphics, and a complete social media graphics package.

Plus, we’ll give you a basic style guide that your team and other agencies can use when talking about your school. Your school’s look should reflect the level care you have for your students. Let us help you get it there.

Make your school shine as bright as your big idea. Once we’ve locked down your unique brand package, we can work with you to bring those one-of-a-kind designs to print and web.

Custom Printing

Our custom printing resources are printed on high-quality stock and are designed to be shown off over and over again, making them a perfect companion to your multi-touch marketing.

Our design department has served thousands of clients, helping them to achieve their vision for professional and effective promotional resources.

We have developed flexible templates that allow us to work quickly and give you proven design options. But if you have a big idea that you want to bring to print, we can start from scratch too. After all, it's your school; why not make it yours?

With Grow My School, you get a level of customization typically associated with a large graphic design house plus the marketing expertise of an agency—combine it all with an online proofing system, and you have a simple way to create the marketing materials your school needs to grow.

Features You'll Love

Uniquely personalized to your school

Access to an award-winning design team

Ongoing consultation services

Assortment of materials & design options

Why do I need a landing page?

School websites must play a complex role of serving new interests, current students, parents, and teachers. Creating a custom landing page for your school allows a single page to be the most effective it can be at attracting new families to inquire about your school. Let us help you design a page that utilizes the best marketing principles and gives you the best conversion rates.

Custom Website Landing Pages

Landing pages are a key component to maximizing the success of your marketing campaign. Grow My School's intuitive, mobile-optimized landing pages are a proven and effective solution to getting more leads and quality interests from your direct mail offers, inbound marketing efforts, and Facebook ad campaigns.

Getting families to engage with your direct mailer, take interest in your outdoor banner, or click on your Facebook ad is only half the battle. If you want people to take the next step, then you need an effective landing page. The Grow My School team has spent over a decade fine-tuning the art of high-converting landing pages—that's pretty powerful.

Experience higher conversion rates with robust landing pages that are designed to drive traffic beyond Facebook or Google, and through the doors of your school. Grow My School's compelling landing pages enable leads to respond to your offer in seconds.

Features You'll Love

Flexible, robust design

Expertly-crafted graphics

Immediate calls-to-action

Automated email reminders

Mobile-optimized layout

Social media integration

Custom toll-free registration

Automated SMS/text messages

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