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School marketing has many facets and can take many shapes. Grow My School focuses on finding all of the families most interested in learning about the private Christian education options in their area. We handle all of the online marketing, get you an active leads list, and provide you with professional printed resources for drawing in new families to your school.

Online Advertising

Grow My School uses both Passive and Active marketing techniques to find families at times when they are open to making a change for their child's education.

Permission-based Marketing

You will never receive cold leads or dated lists of respondents. Each family has requested information from you and invited you to contact them soon!

Personalized Print Resources

By blending our tested materials with your school’s personalized photos and information, you’ll get resources that are sure to stand out in your area, resulting in higher quality leads and more student enrollments.

Connections with Your Community

We make the first point of contact for you with simple online forms and professional emails to build confidence in your school. So when you provide them with the information they requested, they'll be excited to hear from you.

Step 1:

Passive & Active Marketing

Proven marketing messaging to target household decision makers.

We develop and manage an online campaign throughout the year.

We cover your area to find anyone interested in private or Christian schooling for kids in the grades you serve. We utilize Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more to ensure your name appears when someone is researching.

Passive Marketing

Includes a Google search campaign to capture people when they are looking for school-related keywords.

Active Marketing

Primarily including Facebook and Instagram, allows us to find audiences of potential interests and demonstrate reasons for them to consider your school.

Step 2:

Cohesive Ads & Landing Pages

Clear calls-to-action, engaging content and user-friendly forms.

Your Interests request a packet of information to learn more.

Each ad leads to a dedicated landing page for your interests to request an information packet to learn more about your school.

Step 3:

Meet & Greet

Build excitement and cultivate connections with clear next steps and multiple points of contact.

We confirm your request and introduce you to the interest by email.

Our comprehensive process is interactive and automatically generates multiple points of contact before you mail your information packet.

Step 4:

Introduction & Invitation

Custom resources, pre-printed resources, and cohesive branding helps your school stand out.

You mail a pre-planned packet to your new interested family.

We’ll help you design a packet and make sure you receive leads quickly to help engage with your new interested family.

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