Gloriously Happy Parents

Creating an environment to get more testimonials and personal referrals.

The satisfaction and engagement of current families are invaluable in attracting new students. Ensuring that the parents are not just satisfied but proud to be part of your school is pivotal for leveraging personal testimonies and invitations as a core component of your marketing funnel.

Here's a strategy to ensure that the parents of your existing students are not only happy, but also effective ambassadors:


1. Foster a Strong School Community

To build a vibrant, connected community, schools should host family-oriented events such as picnics, talent shows, or sports days, which encourage interaction and fellowship among families. For example, a monthly "Family Breakfast" before school starts can become a cherished tradition that brings everyone closer, fostering a sense of belonging and shared values.


2. Celebrate Student Achievements Publicly & Personally

Acknowledging students' successes both in public forums and through personal communication is key. Schools might highlight achievements via a "Student of the Month" feature on social media and follow up with personalized congratulatory messages to parents. This dual approach not only fills parents with pride but also demonstrates the school's commitment to recognizing individual accomplishments.


3. Offer Exceptional Communication

Maintaining open, consistent lines of communication ensures parents feel informed and valued. Schools could implement a weekly newsletter that covers everything from upcoming events to highlights of the week's learning activities. Additionally, adopting an open-door policy where parents can easily speak with teachers and administration about any concerns or ideas encourages a transparent and trusting relationship.


4. Empower Parents as Ambassadors

Encouraging parents to share their positive experiences can be systematically supported through a referral program. For instance, offering a tuition discount for each referred family that enrolls can motivate parents to speak about the school within their networks. Providing parents with key messages or a "school highlights" fact sheet can help them share their stories more effectively and confidently.


5. Solicit and Act on Parent Feedback

Regularly seeking and responding to parent feedback demonstrates a school's commitment to continuous improvement. Conducting annual surveys to gauge parent satisfaction and hosting forums where they can discuss their views gives parents a voice. For example, if parents suggest more STEM activities, the school might introduce a "STEM Sunday" program, showing responsiveness to community preferences.

By putting these strategies into action, your school can ensure your parents are eager and equipped to attract new students through the most powerful form of marketing: personal recommendation.

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