What does your website really say about your school?

With the majority of school searches beginning online, your school's website is an essential platform for storytelling, showcasing successes, and providing crucial information.

In today's digital age, your website serves as your school’s virtual front door, offering the first glimpse into the heart and soul of your community. An impactful website not only highlights your school's unique qualities and values but also serves as a critical tool in attracting prospective students and their families, so it is important to keep in mind both your website's content and the best ways to utilize marketing strategies. 

Here's a two-prong approach to ensure your school website is doing its job.

Crafting Content That Connects:
What to Include on Your School's Website

To truly resonate with potential new students and their families, your website should offer a comprehensive, engaging, and informative snapshot of your school's life. Key elements to include are:


1. A Warm Welcome.

An inviting homepage with a message from the principal or head of school, offers a nice personal touch.

2. Mission and Values.

Clearly articulate what makes your school stand apart from other schools, including educational philosophies, community culture, and values.

3. Academic Excellence.

Detailed information on curricula, innovative teaching methods, and academic programs.

4. Campus Life.

A vibrant portrayal of student life, including extracurricular activities, sports, arts, and clubs. (Many schools we work with provide a “Day in the Life” showing what a typical day might look like for a student.)

5. Success Stories.

Testimonials from students, parents, and alumni, sharing their positive experiences and outcomes.

6. Admissions Information.

An easy-to-navigate admissions section with clear steps on how to apply, visit days, and contact information for inquiries.

7. Virtual Tour.

Offer a digital walk-through of your campus to give prospective families a feel for the environment. (If you don’t have access to videos, show lots of photos including classrooms from different grade levels, the gym, the library, or any outdoor school programs your school offers that would photograph well.)

Next, Leverage Your Website in Your Marketing Strategy

With your website in place, it's time to drive traffic and attract prospective families.
Here are 3 marketing strategies to put your website to work:


1. Google Ads:

Utilize Google Ads to target specific demographics within your community or those searching for schools in your area. Tailored ads can direct potential parents and students to specific pages on your website, such as admissions or upcoming open house events.


2. Content Marketing:

Regularly update your blog or news section with stories of student achievements, events, and highlights of school life. This not only keeps your community engaged but also improves your website's SEO.


3. Social Media Integration:

Embed social media feeds or links to your profiles on your website to create a seamless experience for visitors who want to dive deeper into your school's community.

In essence, your school's website is much more than just a digital brochure; it's a dynamic platform that reflects the personality of your institution, engages with prospective families, and supports your enrollment goals. By curating content that resonates and leveraging digital marketing strategies, you can ensure your website serves as a powerful tool in your school's marketing funnel.
Should you need further guidance on enhancing your school's website or employing effective digital marketing strategies, our team is here to help. Together, let's make your digital presence as vibrant and welcoming as your school itself!

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