Creating an Effective Recruitment Packet

In order for anyone to curb the enrollment recession facing most private schools, parents need to understand the benefits your organization brings to the community. High-quality, printed resources are a must when trying to convey the value, quality and commitment you are making to education.

For Adventist schools there are many pre-fabricated and exceptional resources at your disposal. So, which do you choose for your introduction to a new family; and how do you build a packet of information that leads to the correct call-to-action? Getting your leads to take the next step to convert and schedule an interview or, better yet, schedule a walk-thru, can be tricky.

The key is to determine what information best represents your school and the needs of families in your area. Sprinkle that with a few tricks for building awareness in your community, and you have the makings of a successful recruitment packet that can be mailed to leads or given out at community events. Remember, these packets will have a cost (typically $5 per complete packet), so you’ll want to use them judiciously. However, don’t be too stingy—done correctly, these packets are one of the best ways to engage with local families and increase your enrollment.

Let’s take a look at the items and requirements for any good school information packet.

Your Brochure

Your brochure should be your cornerstone piece. This brochure should have quality images from your school—representing the demographics of your school, along with some of its best attributes. Often times, it will make sense to utilize a stock photo or high-quality professional image on the cover to give your brochure the professional look it deserves. The brochure should cover the basic programs and unique features of your school. Because the brochure is one of the more personal elements in a good packet it should be designed with more heart than data, facts or figures. Those can be added to a separate item.

Click here to see a sample brochure

Promotional Card

Whether you develop your own, download one from the Adventist education website, or utilize one that we have specially created, it is nice to have a resource that simplifies and highlights all of the positives that come with the Adventist Education system. This adds additional credibility to your local school by rooting it into a nationally recognized educational system.

Click here to see a sample promotional card

Personalized Letter and Matching Letterhead

Every packet should receive a personalized letter—often from the principle. This letter can be generic in form and add specific details that are important to the receiving family. The core of the letter is to offer a next step. We recommend a site visit as the natural progression. Let families know the value of the site visit and encourage them to set one up with a simple step. We have a sample letter you can review with matching letterhead.

Click here to see a sample letter

Promotional Item (optional)

Brand-building, promotional items can sometimes just be an added expenses that schools don’t need. However, if the item is done correctly it can be a great reminder and build relationship at a low cost. We are recommending a magnet that we found that will help build brand and be seen on a regular basis.

Click here to see a sample magnet

Story-Telling Booklet (optional)

This is an item that we created for schools that helps convey the importance of an Adventist education through stories and testimonials. Each page showcases a different advantage of the Adventist education system and then presents a testimonial from a variety of views (parent, student, teacher, community). This helps to connect people to value of your schools program while sharing stories from around the country.

Click here to see a sample booklet

These items are only suggestions for the way you should construct your recruitment packet for your school.

The main goal is to share the facts and feelings associated to your program, speak the language of both the parent and the student in order to get both of their interest, and offer a strong single point of action—typically an open house or a personal on-site visit.

Please let us know how we can help your school create a recruitment packet that helps grow your school.

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